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CrossFit is a tried and true methodology that uses constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement to provide a results-driven fitness program. The Results Room is your local CrossFit gym open to anyone, with no base fitness requirement.

We are passionate about helping each and every one of our members achieve their desired results. In fact, we ask all of our members for their quarterly goals, programming in specialty sessions that reflect these to ensure that the goals are reached.

Based in the neighbouring suburb of Mansfield, The Results Room is your local MacKenzie CrossFit gym, servicing the surrounding areas of Wishart, Carindale, Rochedale, Burbank, and Chandler. Book your free CrossFit trial with us today!

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CrossFit Kids

Our CrossFit Kids classes are a fun way to get your child moving while learning safe techniques and developing essential skills such as coordination, balance, strength, and agility. CrossFit Kids runs throughout the school term and has been created for kids between the ages of 8 and 11.

We combine play-based activities with age-appropriate exercises, including running, rowing, skipping, gymnastics, weight lifting, and more. During these classes, your child will learn how to safely and effectively climb, lift, throw, and jump, promoting healthy development.

CrossFit Teens

Designed for a slightly older age group, CrossFit Teens is for children and teens from the ages of 11 to 16 and are run during school term only. These classes include a mixture of bodyweight exercises and general fitness activities that promote physical literacy.

We also teach weightlifting, Olympic lifting, and CrossFit gymnastics exercises. Children who attend our CrossFit Teens class may benefit from enhanced sporting performance, fewer injuries, and even improved cognitive function.

Capped Classes

We cap all of our group fitness classes at 12 members per session (except for special events). Additionally, all of our fitness classes are actively coached by specialised trainers to ensure that you are getting the attention you need to smash your fitness goals.

With no base fitness requirements, our classes are open to anyone, from beginners to experienced athletes. As our programs are fully scalable, our experienced trainers will instruct you on how to tailor each exercise to your fitness level and abilities.

Personal Training

For the most efficient improvement with results you can see, combine our group fitness classes with one-on-one personal training sessions. Our qualified trainers will work with you to build your confidence and knowledge, identifying areas of opportunity and creating personalised programming that is tailored to your specific fitness goals.

You will learn the correct techniques with targeted exercises in a safe and controlled environment in order to smash your fitness goals.

24-hour Gym Access

Every member of The Results Room is given unlimited access to our fully-equipped gym. Don’t let your fitness goals be limited by the opening hours of a gym. With 24-hour access to The Results Room, you can easily fit your workouts into a busy or unconventional schedule without impacting your professional and family commitments.

CrossFit Gym MacKenzie

The Results Room is the number one CrossFit gym near MacKenzie. Join our welcoming community of like-minded individuals today with a shared goal of physical fitness and no base fitness requirement! Click here to book your free CrossFit trial.

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“The results I’m having are amazing”

Absolutely fantastic gym, well equipped with amazing staff and community. Makes working out less of a chore and the CrossFit classes are realistic and achievable no matter what your fitness level is. 100% recommend.

AliceGoogle Review

The results room is more then just a gym it is a community. As it is a small gym, all the members and trainers know your name and get to know you as a friend and not just a member of the gym. The trainers are also amazing and will cater for every fitness level!

JemmaGoogle Review

..They work around what you can do and go from there encouraging you the entire way. The results I'm having are amazing. I've never been fitter or stronger. Liam is such a positive and helpful trainer, can't recommend him highly enough.

ElisaethGoogle Review