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PRVN Affiliate

We follow PRVN Affiliate Programming at The ResultsRoom/ CrossFit Aftermath.

Aim of the Program

  • The program consists of thoughtful and progressive weightlifting sessions to provide athletes the tools to improve technique and efficiency as strength increases in order to break through plateaus.
  • Along with weightlifting progressions, the affiliate program incorporates consistent and progressive strength sessions built around the major lifts (squat, deadlift, press, bench, etc.)
  • Each and every day includes skill progressions and specific technique primers.
  • Our warm-ups are built around exercises that help to increase blood flow to the intended muscle groups for the day, increase range of motion in the joints, and target specific muscle activation exercises to help recruit the correct muscles and limit muscle imbalance during workout.
  • Mobility is included in the workout to keep our athletes coming back day after day, while improving mechanics, and decreasing injury rates.
  • Included in our programming are optional bulletproofing/accessory exercises for athletes to include on their own time in order to enhance the training session and build resiliency.
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In The Results Room

“The results I’m having are amazing”

Absolutely fantastic gym, well equipped with amazing staff and community. Makes working out less of a chore and the CrossFit classes are realistic and achievable no matter what your fitness level is. 100% recommend.

AliceGoogle Review

The results room is more then just a gym it is a community. As it is a small gym, all the members and trainers know your name and get to know you as a friend and not just a member of the gym. The trainers are also amazing and will cater for every fitness level!

JemmaGoogle Review

..They work around what you can do and go from there encouraging you the entire way. The results I'm having are amazing. I've never been fitter or stronger. Liam is such a positive and helpful trainer, can't recommend him highly enough.

ElisaethGoogle Review