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What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness is the capacity to move large loads over long distances through multi-joint movements. It is a broad approach to fitness that encompasses several different domains of fitness rather than focusing on one specific area, such as cardiovascular fitness.

What is meant by a domain of fitness?

There are many different domains of fitness, including strength, agility, cardiovascular, flexibility, coordination, and more. Each domain of fitness can be targeted with specific movements: agility – how high you can jump, strength – deadlifts, cardiovascular – how long you can keep your heart rate up, etc.


Rather than just burning calories for the sake of it or focusing on bodybuilding to become more muscular, functional fitness is designed to build strength, agility, flexibility, and coordination to facilitate improvement across a wide range of domains, increasing your overall fitness.

Functional Fitness Brisbane

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What is functional movement?

Functional movement is the movement of loads over longer distances, incorporating multiple muscle groups, for example, a deadlift. Conversely, isolation movements such as a bicep curl move only a single joint over a short distance.

Is functional training good?

Absolutely, functional training promotes growth over a range of fitness domains to help you become fitter overall and a better human being.

Is functional fitness effective?

Functional fitness has been scientifically proven to be a very effective form of training. Using functional movements that engage multiple muscle groups at a time, functional fitness will make you fitter across many broad domains.

Is functional fitness the same as CrossFit?

Yes. CrossFit, by definition, is basically looking at fitness across different modalities and with different time constraints, with movements ranging from 5 – 10 seconds to movements that last 45 – 60 minutes. It’s about increasing work capacity and becoming fitter over multiple domains using functional movements.

What are functional fitness exercises?

A clean and jerk is a great example of a functional fitness exercise. In this movement, a heavy object is moved from the floor to an overhead extended position. The large range of motion of a clean jerk requires both ballistic and static strength and incorporates coordination, flexibility, strength, and agility.

What are functional fitness classes?

Functional fitness classes are designed to get you warmed up, stretched, and then working on your strength. Each class is typically finished off with a primarily circuit-based cardiovascular strength workout followed by a cool down. Our functional fitness classes will get your heart rate up and get you moving, increasing strength, fitness, and coordination while burning calories.

Why is functional fitness important?

The beauty of functional fitness is that It works on lots of different capacities to make you fitter overall rather than just working on one area. Natural body movements that we use every day, such as running, jumping, pushing, and pulling, engage multiple muscles at a time. With functional fitness, you will train using functional movements designed to work multiple muscles, rather than focusing on a single muscle or joint, for an overall improvement in your health and fitness.

What is the goal of functional fitness?

Functional fitness is designed to increase your work capacity. This means that you will be able to do more work in the same amount of time or the same amount of work over a longer period of time, whether it be lifting heavy objects, running, jumping, pull-ups, or gymnastics.

How do you train for functional fitness?

Functional fitness training includes a wide variety of movements under various loads and requires lots of practice using different movements. Functional training will challenge you to work on the things that you’re not necessarily good at and practice the things that you are good at in order to improve.

What is a functional gym workout?

At The Results Room, our functional fitness workout begins with a warm-up, stretching or flexibility work, and then strength work. This is followed by the workout of the day, which usually incorporates some cardiovascular movement with a strength movement to combine the benefits of both. Lastly, there is a cool down and stretching to finish.

What is functional fitness for kids?

Functional fitness for kids focuses on bodyweight movements to improve new muscular coordination. There is less of an element of strength when compared to adult functional training with a focus on the coordination of various muscle groups and movement patterns. Our kid’s functional fitness classes are designed to be fun rather than regimented, using a series of play-based activities to get your children moving in an enjoyable way.

Are functional fitness classes okay for beginners?

Every workout that is programmed in for the day is scaleable. Scaling workouts is the process by which athletes in conjunction with their coaches alter a workout so as to make it safe, appropriate and effective given an individual’s capabilities, limitations and goals. We can substitute the movement entirely to one that is a feasible option for the individual while keeping the stimulus the same. An example of such is substituting a run with a row for the same distance which still keeps the cardiovascular element of the workout but removes the impact, or we can use different movement progressions such as using bands to assist with push-ups but keeping the range of motion as close to the movement standard of a floor push-up as possible”.

What is functional fitness for physical therapy?

Functional fitness can definitely still be safe and effective for those who may be managing an injury. Similar to scaling for fitness level, our specialised coaches can modify the workout to suit the needs of each individual and any injury or condition that they may have.

Functional fitness vs. HIIT

HIIT training is just movement patterns done quickly, whereas with functional fitness, there is more importance placed on gymnastic and strength elements on top of HIIT training. So functional fitness actually incorporates hIIt plus working on gymnastics and strength training with bodyweight movements as well.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. CrossFit (Functional Fitness) includes HIIT as well as strength training, plyometrics, gymnastics, and more.

Functional fitness vs. CrossFit

It’s the same thing. CrossFit is the foundation of functional fitness.


Functional fitness vs. bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is basically just increasing the size of the muscle, where muscle size is more important than what the muscle can actually do. In contrast, functional fitness is more about how coordinated you are versus just building muscles for the sake of muscles. With functional training, we promote muscle growth while increasing strength and coordination, resulting in muscles that are good for more than just aesthetics.

Functional fitness and nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone of any health or lifestyle program, and functional fitness is no exception. If you have bad nutrition, it doesn’t matter what you do. Nutrition supports what you do in the gym, so improving your nutrition will help you achieve better results.

Is CrossFit Dangerous?

Our coaches’ job is to keep each individual participating in the class as safe as possible. It’s more about looking after the safety of the athlete rather than pushing them to extremes where they are going to injure themselves. As a gym, we focus more on the safety aspect of what people can do rather than pushing them to their absolute limits. Safety is our absolute priority.

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