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The CrossFit philosophy uses constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement to improve fitness across a range of different domains such as strength, coordination, and agility. CrossFit workouts are completely scalable and can be tailored to suit the fitness level, abilities, and limitations of each individual.

Based in Mansfield Brisbane Southside, The Results Room is your local Upper Mount Gravatt CrossFit gym, serving the surrounding area, including Mount Gravatt, Wishart, and Robertson. Sunnybank, and Eight Mile Plains. Our results-driven approach to fitness gives our members everything that they need to smash their fitness goals.

Join our welcoming community of like-minded people today – no base fitness level needed! We train together, socialise together, and celebrate together when we achieve our fitness goals. Book your free CrossFit trial at The Results Room today, or talk to one of our CrossFit specialists on 0410 988 281 for more information.

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Small Group Fitness Classes

We keep our group fitness classes small (capped at 12 members per session) so that each participant has access to the attention they need in order to achieve their best result.

Each of our fitness classes is actively coached by our specialised trainers, providing variations on each movement where required, whether there are new members in the class or those looking for a greater challenge. By tailoring the workout to suit each individual, we will ensure that you get the most out of each fitness class you attend, helping you reach and exceed your fitness goals.

Personal Training & Programming

We also offer personal training and programming for members interested in one-on-one training sessions with one of our experienced trainers. Combining our CrossFit classes with personal training sessions is one of the most efficient ways to smash your fitness goals for marked improvement with results you can see.

Our personal trainers will design a fitness program that is specifically tailored to your needs, taking into account your fitness level, abilities, and whether you are managing an injury or condition or have mobility limitations. With our individualised programming and one-to-one sessions, we can assist you in achieving your best results based on your chosen fitness goals.


No Base Fitness Requirement – Everyone Welcome!

We take pride in the welcoming community we have at The Results Room, facilitated by the inclusivity of CrossFit movements. As CrossFit exercises can be tailored to suit anyone, there is no base fitness requirement. However, this doesn’t mean that our fitness classes are unsuitable for more experienced athletes. In fact, we can provide variations for each movement to challenge anyone.

Whether you’ve never set foot in a gym before or you attend religiously, The Results Room is the place for you.

24-Hour Gym Access

We also provide 24-hour gym access with every membership, making it easier than ever to achieve your fitness goals.

No more having to bend your schedule to fit the limited opening hours of a gym. At The Results Room, you will have unlimited access to our fully equipped gym whenever you need it. This gives you the freedom to work out whenever it best suits you; whether you prefer late night workouts once the kids have gone to bed or you work a rotating roster that makes sticking to the same schedule impossible, we’ve got you covered.

CrossFit Upper Mount Gravatt

If you’re looking for a results-driven Upper Mount Gravatt CrossFit gym where you’ll be more than just a number, look no further than The Results Room. We are invested in the progress and achievements of each of our members. In fact, we even ask each member to provide quarterly goals so that we can program in specialty classes and sessions around these for measurable results.

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In The Results Room

“The results I’m having are amazing”

Absolutely fantastic gym, well equipped with amazing staff and community. Makes working out less of a chore and the CrossFit classes are realistic and achievable no matter what your fitness level is. 100% recommend.

AliceGoogle Review

The results room is more then just a gym it is a community. As it is a small gym, all the members and trainers know your name and get to know you as a friend and not just a member of the gym. The trainers are also amazing and will cater for every fitness level!

JemmaGoogle Review

..They work around what you can do and go from there encouraging you the entire way. The results I'm having are amazing. I've never been fitter or stronger. Liam is such a positive and helpful trainer, can't recommend him highly enough.

ElisaethGoogle Review